"Not only does the automatic dishwasher powder get my dishes super clean, but it also keeps my dishwasher fresh and clean. Absolutely love it!" - May 2016 (Website)

"I love clove oil for cleaning, I love that cinnamon smell." - May 2016 (Instagram)

"I made my own bathroom air freshener today! I added a few of peppermint oil drops to a full spray bottle of water. Shake and spray. Wow it was amazing!!!!! Smells so fresh and pure peppermint. It really pops and I love it" - May 2016 (Website)

"I'm using Bygum Tea Tree Laundry Powder right now! Love the way the laundry room smells." - May 2016 (Instagram)

"I've used this Bygum Eucalyptus Laundry Powder and compared it to my other products - you use less, it cleans clothes great, and isn't overpowering after the clothes are dry - I don't like strong smelling cleaners, so this ticks the boxes!" - May 2016 (Website)

"We have used eucalyptus wool mix for years - we mixed our own - so it's nice that there is a product now that you can buy off the shelf that is as good! It's excellent for anything that needs hand washing." - May 2016 (Website)

"I can't say enough about the peppermint oil!! We use it everyday in many ways. Thanks for bringing this product to the States!!"  - May 2016 (FaceBook)

"This is amazing stuff for removing stains (Bygum Eucalyptus Oil), especially oil, cooking and grease stains. It's my go to for problem stains, and it is such a relief I have something that works!" - May 2016 (Website)

"I have found this product (Bygum Eucalyptus Spray and Clean) to clean well. Believe it or not, helps to remove the hairspray on my bathroom floor before I wash it. I use it around the sink area where the spray lands. One of the best things I like, is that the scent stays all day and into the next and is not gone within a couple of hours. Your house continues to stay fresh!" - April 2016 (Website)

"I love it! (Bygum Eucalyptus Laundry Powder) I found the scent overpowering in the container. However, when the clothes were done they just smelled CLEAN without any perfume or chemicals." - April 2016 (Website)

"I finished my spring cleaning today with my all purpose cleaner! My house smells and feels awesome and fresh! Love that stuff." - April 2016 (Instagram) 

"I just received the order, thank you so much. The oil is incredible I just put the sample in my diffuser. I want all of the products and my neighbor does too." - March 2016 (Facebook)

"My dog has a favorite blanket and I wanted to try something that wouldn't affect her skin. I had previously washed it without detergent. I read the directions and found that only a small amount of the Pet Bedding and Blanket Wash would be needed and the scent is marvelous!! The best part? My Princess, 13 years old, loves her soft, clean blankie!!" - March 2016 (Website)

"I love the clove oil! It's great to add to hand soaps and dish water for extra germ killing power. I do the same with the Eucalyptus oil. Great to add a few drops to a load of laundry too!" - March 2016 (Instagram)

"Wow, finally got to try the spray cleaner...I love it! Used on quartz counter...stainless fridge...even cleaned the side door of all the finger prints!" - March 2016 (Instagram)

"We had a really bad cold season this winter at preschool. We used the multipurpose cleaner to disinfect all these toys." - February 2016 (Instagram)

"The automatic dishwasher powder serves as a natural air freshener too! It makes the whole kitchen smell clean." - February 2016 (Instagram)

"I love this stuff! Use it all the time!" - February 2016 (Instagram)

"I ran my dishwasher this morning and my kitchen smelled so good!!" - February 2016 (Instagram)

"I love the lavender scent!! Also like knowing it's not harming the environment. Will definitely purchase it again." - January 2016 (Website)

"I purchased this about 3 weeks ago. The cleaner is excellent! I use it on my granite counters, bathroom, for the floors, and even as a stain remover. Our dishwasher had some bad stains and I added a capful to the cycle and they came out. I've tried a variety of natural cleaners and you can definitely sense the quality. It leaves a fresh clean scent everywhere you use it. Will definitely be purchasing again." - January 2016 (Website)

"We are going to order your products for our preschool in California. We loved the samples!" - January 2016 (Instagram)

"I love this laundry powder!! It leaves clothes spotless and smelling amazing" - January 2016 (Instagram)

"I'm LOVING my tea tree oil!! I'm using it on my face in the morning before I moisturize and people have told me my skin is glowing!" - January 2016 (Instagram)

"I have used these products for a week now and can't get over how effective they are! Plus they last a LONG time! I'm using a dollop of the concentrated All Purpose Cleaner mixed with 90% water and still have tons of product left over." - January 2016 (Instagram)