How To Get Rid Of Mold In Your House

Can you think of anything worse? I'm not saying cleaning toilets is something I love....nor laundry. But with's just something else entirely. 

Mold is...gross. It feels encroaching. Slimy and sneaky. It grew..GREW..there while your back was turned. Like a an monster in your sink drain crawling from the black abyss. 

Mold makes me think of slimy legs and slugs with wet trails behind them. Mold makes me think of remediation and illness. BLACK PLAGUE. 

One minute your shower corners are morning..MOLD is growing! UGH! How did that happen?

And the only acceptable way to get rid of it is BLEACH. A toxin so potent that you need a hazmat suit and your house needs to be bubble wrapped by the FBI. Forget any clothes you are wearing because YOU WILL splash yourself! 


So try time mold visits you (and don't act like it won't...we both know it's probably sliding up your drain pipe as you read this). Next time try the all natural mold killer from The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company USA.


Why? Because it actually works and you don't need to spend the night in a hotel to protect yourself and your family from toxic fumes and poisonous gasses.  For real. 

And if you splash yourself, you don't have to trow away your ruined clothes!

Bygum Mould Spray is an easy to use, low cost and highly effective way to eliminate and remove mould on most hard surfaces. Clove, Eucalytpus Oil and Alcohol are powerful anti-mould cleaning agents that work together to kill and suppress mould growth while providing a high level of cleaning.

WOOHOO! We are saved from the nasty slime!!

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