The Healing Power Of Tea Tree Oil

I hate to admit it but at times I have acne issues. Hopefully I am not cricket...

And like many people with skin irritations, in the past I would often turn to harsh chemicals with side effects but little improvement in my problem. In fact, I had such terrible cystic acne that I was treated with Acutane, I highly toxic and dangerous medication. It did clean my skin but still, years later, I can get the occasional pimple. What can I use??

Tea Tree Oil from The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company USA to the rescue! Now I will preface this information with the caution that if you have sensitive skin or if you have never used essential oils, that you preform a skin test first. I also recommend diluting the oil with coconut oil first to reduce the change of irritation from the oil. 

In my case, no such dilution was necessary. After I wash my face in the morning, I apply the Tea Tree oil directly to my skin, especially any problem areas! It is so refreshing and it clears the pimple up SO fast!

Here is another use I found for my skin. After shaving, I can be plagued with in-grown hairs! These are the WORST! Painful!!! 

I recently had one that was large and irritated. I treated with a direct application of Tea Tree Oil. When I awoke the next morning, the in-grown hair was lessened in size by HALF and no longer painful. One more night time application and the in-grown hair was almost completely gone. AMAZING!

Here's a cool factoid...The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company USA is the only direct distributor of this Bygum Tea Tree Oil straight from Australia! Head over to their website and check them out!


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