Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company USA

Pet Multi-Pack


Our Pets Multi Pack comprises:

1 x 500ml (16.9 fl) Pet Bedding & Blanket Wash

1 x 500ml (16.9 fl) Eucalyptus Spray

1 x 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) Eucalyptus Laundry Powder 

Bygum Pet Bedding & Blanket Wash and Bygum Eucalyptus Spray are two amazingly powerful products that can remove just about any odour or stain you can think of.

Bygum Pet Bedding & Blanket Wash is a highly concentrated laundry wash and prewash soaker designed to clean the heaviest soiling and remove all unpleasant odours leaving washed items smelling fresh as well as clean.

And it's not just for pets. Bygum Pet Bedding & Blanket Wash can be used for laundering any heavily soiled or unpleasant smelling items that require heavy duty cleaning and freshening.

Bygum Eucalyptus Spray is the most convenient and effective way to use eucalyptus oil for almost every use you can think of!


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