Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company USA

Banksia Essential Oil Diffuser (Medium) & 50 ml Eucalyptus Oil (1.69 fl oz)


A fascinating household ornamental decoration and natural essential oil diffuser all in one, plus the amazing essential oil! Our scent pots are made exclusively of Banksia Grandis seed pods. They are collected under the strictest conditions by State Forestry licensed pickers in Australia. The seed pods can only be collected after they have shed all of their seeds and are collected by hand and on foot.  No vehicles or machinery can enter the forest and there are strict limits on quantities being picked in any one area.

The scent pots are perfect for infusing our Bygum Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil (which is part of the bundle), which will then provide a wonderful fragrance in any room you choose to put them. In addition, they are perfect for decorating your spaces, and are great for starting conversations! 

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